6 Critical Factors to Look for When Evaluating A Business Intelligence Platform

October 8, 2020

At Special Agent X, we work with a variety of clients – from mortgage branches of 10 or more loan officers all the way up to corporate offices. What they all want, regardless of their size, is to deploy real-time reporting across their companies.

One question we get a lot is this: Why are you the best business intelligence solution for lenders across all segments of the market?

We believe the difference comes down to execution.

The valuable goal of any solution, and business intelligence in general, is to deliver better information about your loans so you can make better, more proactive decisions for the organization across all roles. The key is to minimize complexity and risk for you and your users along the way.

Where other BI tools have continually expanded with additional modules and, in the end, just create another system to manage in your business, X-Ray stays focused on one thing: transforming massive amounts of data warehoused in a variety of different systems into easy-to-understand, easily accessible analytics and reports that drive top-level decisions at mortgage companies/branches.

Here are six reasons why X-Ray is the best choice for your business intelligence reporting needs.

Simplified User Experience

X-Ray includes a single dashboard with only the key metrics needed for each role. There are six dynamic tiles and four layers of drill-down that display KPI’s.

Flexible Customizations

Ensure the metrics match your workflows and tolerances. You will get filtering, sorting and access to historical data in seconds. The Custom Report Builder gives you the ability to explore your data and create your own new reports when you think of them. Plus, you can work with our support team any time if you would like assistance or consultation along the way.

Extremely Easy to Use

We can train new individual users in a few minutes.

Accelerated On-boarding

The cycle time for a typical implementation is approximately two weeks, not months like other business intelligence solutions.

Lower Overall Costs

Flexible, predictable pricing plans that include user costs as low as $29, as well as options for an unlimited, flat-fee use.

Quicker Time to Value

All these factors combine for immediate return on your investment as employee production increases and your business becomes more successful as you can properly forecast.

X-Ray simplifies the mortgage business intelligence process.

If you are ready to streamline loan life cycle monitoring and diagnose bottlenecks in the loan process, then sign up for a free demo of X-Ray. You won’t be disappointed in what you see!

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