Custom Report Builder Added to X-Ray’s Suite of Mortgage Reporting Software

October 8, 2020

Special Agent X is pleased to announced its latest development addition to its X-Ray intelligence platform.

As you know, X-Ray is used to transform massive amounts of information on loans, leads and accounting, as well as information from CRM systems and loan operating systems, into easy-to-understand, readily available analytics and reports that drive top-level decisions at mortgage companies.

Because we as a company are continuously listening to the feedback of our customers, the Special Agent X team has added a Custom Report Builder to X-Ray. The reason being, many of our customers, while they want to move away from complex reports and are seeking simple solutions, they still see value in building custom reports. With X-Ray’s new Custom Report Builder, our customers, which include companies like Premier Lending Inc., Guarantee Mortgage, Vitek Mortgage Group and First Arkansas Financial/FirstTrust Home Loans, have the ability to explore their data and create their own new reports when they think of them. Plus, they can work with our support team any time if they would like assistance or consultation along the way.

The Custom Report Builder is a free addition to the already-revolutionary X-Ray intelligence platform. X-Ray comes with more than 25 built-in reports to cover the most important KPIs that any mortgage lender must track for a healthy business.

X-Ray also features benchmarking tools that help you quickly get accurate reads on the close of loans and projected close rates. In addition, it features a goal report based on historical performances, which assigns grades to the production of various employees at a branch based on their goals.

X-Ray has always simplified the mortgage business intelligence process and now, with the Custom Report Builder, the experience just got increasingly better.

If you are ready to streamline loan life cycle monitoring and diagnose bottlenecks in the loan process, then sign up for a free demo of X-Ray. You won’t be disappointed in what you see!

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