Five New Year’s Resolutions to Get Your Mortgage Branch Organized

October 8, 2020

What are you doing in 2017 to make your branch all it can be? A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be just about individual goals, it can span across a branch, its hard-working employees and by extension, to your loyal customers.

The key to each of these five resolutions revolves around being more organized individually and collectively. Together, you can save time, boost productivity and reach all of your goals – and then set more.

1. Evaluate Performance Goals. Employees had a lot to think about last month. But with holiday bonuses and end-of-the-year reviews behind them, now may be the time to remind your employees about goals for this year. Take a day or two to speak to everyone about performance and the associated goals. It may also be a good time to reflect on things you discussed during reviews to help employees achieve their upcoming goals. Most of your employees will welcome the feedback. And the timing for such an overview cannot come at a better time, wedged between last year’s highlights and this year’s goals.

2. Analyze Production. With the hectic schedule of the holidays behind us, it could be a good time to analyze monthly production for the year and review some of the feedback from your team.

Some of the questions you may ask: If you didn’t hit sales goals last year, why not? What were the goals for the year? Are you on pace for the month of February to be where you want to be?

The New Year is a great time to revisit what you learned, listen to the advice that went around the table and begin to think about implementation for a New Year. This approach will help you strategize what you need to change and what you’ll need moving forward.

3. Filing practices. Proper filing practices, both of digital and of hard copy materials, can go a long way to boosting productivity and it’s a sign of strong organization. Important receipts and documents lose their value when they cannot be located when needed. The ability to recall these items at a moment’s notice is a sure way to boost productivity for obvious reasons. Yet some professionals still spend a good majority of their time looking for items that help them perform their job. Crank up efficiency by reminding team members of best practices and benefits will begin to manifest in no time.

4. Invest more wisely in time. It’s no secret that one of the biggest drains on a company’s bottom line is the poor use of time. There’s a direct correlation with how well we spend time and productivity. So as we enter the New Year, remind your team about prioritizing tasks. This means learning to not drop work on projects to respond to unnecessary emails and understanding to recover time after inevitable distractions.

5. Track your customers. Your operational organization will only be as strong as how well you keep track of your customers. So now is a good time to make sure your relationship management software and loan origination systems are working properly. The last thing you want is for your team to get bogged down by functionality issues. Or worse, for your team to think everything is working fine when it is not.

If you didn’t do so already, this may be the time to consider new mortgage intelligence software that can improve these areas. Request demo of our X-Ray dashboards today!

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