Workers Credit Union Uses X-Ray To Have Transparency Across The Entire Loan Process

John Carter
October 8, 2020

Special Agent X is pleased to welcome Workers Credit Union as a client! Workers Credit Union offers banking, loans and business and retirement services. The company is based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Workers Credit Union chose to partner with X-Ray because they needed a Business Intelligence tool that could reliably extract their data from MortgageClick. They also wanted a centrally managed dashboard as a single source of truth for accurately displaying mortgage information across the organization.

“The dashboard enables users to focus on the most important loans that need to be addressed by how long they have been in a particular status,” said Jennifer Cowles, vice president of the Mortgage Lending Division for Workers Credit Union.

Now, everyone from the executives down can make faster, more accurate decisions.

“Pipeline management will be more efficient as data will not be managed on external sources, such as spreadsheets,” Cowles said.

X-Ray simplifies the mortgage business intelligence process.

If you are ready to streamline loan life cycle monitoring and diagnose bottlenecks in the loan process just like Workers Credit Union has, then sign up for a free demo of X-Ray. You won’t be disappointed in what you see!

John Carter
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