X-Ray Offers Alerts Feature on Loan Threshold Monitoring and Milestones

October 8, 2020

What do we know about the modern workforce? They like to be challenged, they like flexible work schedules and they like technology that enhances their capabilities and raises them above the crowd.

X-Ray accomplishes all of those things by transforming massive amounts of data warehoused in a variety of different systems into easy-to-understand, easily accessible analytics and reports that drive top-level decisions at mortgage companies/branches. More specifically, X-Ray comes equipped with an alert feature for threshold monitoring and milestone notifications, giving your team the ability to stay updated on production and goals while on the go via text or email messaging.

With X-Ray’s alerts feature, an entire branch can stay up-to-speed on everything that is happening at the business, including:

  • When any sized deal closes.
  • When someone has moved up in the office rankings of number of loans closed.
  • When someone reaches a production goal.
  • When the company reaches a unit/volume goal.

This creates transparency and healthy competition if everyone is seeing which loans are closing and when. Plus, not only can these alerts be pushed out to mobile devices, the updates can also be displayed around the office on large monitors. This promotes competition between loan officers, and, as a result, creates higher production for the business overall.

Having real-time alerts creates escalation for business-critical tasks that may have otherwise fallen through the cracks and allows leadership teams to be updated proactively when any threshold is met or missed. For example, let the whole team know when a big deal closes, create urgency when current production falls below the previous month’s average, or send an escalation email when any loan is within 48 hours of lock expiration.

The possibilities are endless!

X-Ray gives you options in terms of how updates are received to help you match the preferences of your team members:

  • Notification chime in the browser – Customize any alert sound to be played on the browser when triggered. (Create a different sound for each trigger.)
  • Notification by email (your choice).
  • Notification by text (your choice).

The information that is pushed out via the alerts feature comes from the built-in benchmarking tools of X-Ray that help you quickly get accurate reads on the close of loans and projected close rates. In addition, X-Ray features a goal report based on historical performances, which assigns grades to the production of various employees at a branch based on their goals.

X-Ray simplifies the mortgage business intelligence process.

If you are ready to streamline loan life cycle monitoring and diagnose bottlenecks in the loan process, then sign up for a free demo of X-Ray. You won’t be disappointed in what you see!

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